Environment Protection

Alternative Technology:

AREA Alternative Technologies Department is responsible for planning, designing, developing and promoting alternative technologies to reduce the pressure on non-renewable sources of energy in the country.  The AT Department has established a metal works factory in Herat in 1997 and is in the process of establishing an Alternative Technologies Center in Kabul.

Skills and Vocational Training:

AREA  Skills and Vocational training Centers in Kunar, Nangarhar, Kabul and Herat provided trainings in carpentry, masonry, metal works, shoemaking, Tailoring, Plumbing, English, Computer, etc.  AREA’s provided training to Afghan youth in the fields of Administration, Accountancy, English Language and Computer Software. Every year hundreds of youth graduate from these centers and gain employment in various occupations to support their families.

  • Selection, Training and linking of returnees from Iran, Pakistan and IDPs for self or wage employment
  • Tailoring training for 65 women in Kunar Province funded by Novib,
  • Vocational training (Carpet weaving) funded by IOM in Badghis province
  • Vocational training (Metal work) Funded by IOM in Herat province
  • Vocational training (Embroidery, Tailoring) Funded by IRC in Paktia province
  • Vocational training (TTC) Funded by Novib in Herat province.
  • Vocational training (TTC) Funded by Novib in Herat province.

Vocational training Charmdozi, Food process, On the job training, Mobile repairing, Beautician, Carpentry, Back making) are ongoing projects, The projects are supporting by Care International.

Community Development

AREA’s mandate is to work only through the direct involvement and participation of target communities. The establishment and strengthening of grassroots level institutions at the community, village or Gozar levels is the basis for any intervention. Empowering local communities to come together, take collective decisions and responsibility for the overall development and thus promoting local governance in the target areas is the main objective of the organization.  AREA’s integrated community development methodology involves a staged process which incorporates the following steps:

  • Mobilization
  • Establishment of Community Based Organizations (CBOs)
  • Training/strengthening of the CBOs through training/awareness workshops, exposures and on-the-job trainings
  • Implementing different programs/projects through the CBOs.