Project Title: AREA Demining Project Noristan 

Contract#: SPMWRA22GR0021

Date: 10-Aug-2022 to 31-Jul-2023

AREA COMMUNITY BASED MINE CLE ARANCE PROGRAM (hereinafter referred to as the Recipient), is hereby provided a federal award, the purpose of which is to: The overall goal of this project is to increase civilian security by protecting lives and property in Nurgaram district, Nuristan province, Afghanistan. The Recipient shall carry out the Agreement in accordance with its proposal dated: 24- Jul-2022, and any revisions to which both parties agree to in writing. The Recipient’s proposal and any subsequent negotiated revisions are hereby incorporated by reference.

Project Title: Strengthening Community Health in Dehsabz, Kabul Province

Contract#: PP026710-23-01AREA-PCA-CHW

Date: 01-Jan-2023 to 31-Dec-2024

Training of 50 Community Health Workers in Dehsabz District, Kabul Province, to provide basic health services, health education and conduct referrals.

AREA will adhere to its working plan mentioned in the submitted project proposal. HUMEDICA will cover the cost of this activity as specified in the project budget


Project Title: Food Assistance to IPC Phase 3 an Phase 4 Khost

Contract #: AFG22/3481/RA3/FSAC/NGO/23622

Date: 25-Jan-2023 to 24-Sep-2023

According to recent IPC analysis report published in May 2022 and projection to June-November 2022, high acute food insecurity persists across Afghanistan, collapsing economy and drought is depriving nearly 20 million Afghans of food, classified in Crisis or Emergency (IPC Phases 3 or 4), between March and May 2022 and projection to June-November 2022. Among these, 6.6 million people in Emergency (IPC Phase 4) and 13 million in (IPC Phase 3). Nearly 20 million people, are in high and critical levels of acute food insecurity (IPC Phases 3 and 4). Among these, 6.6 million people are classified in (IPC Phase 4), characterized by large food gaps and/or employing emergency coping strategies to access food.